Beat 92 percent of mutual funds with a passive strategy.

My name is Michael, M.Sc. Finance and I deal with the topic of financial independence for everyone for a decade now. I dedicated my time to understand the financial market, since academic research shows that 95% of millionaires invest in stocks, Etfs or mutual funds. Based on academic research the surprising outcome is, that long-term and passive investing beats acitve management and daytrading. Passive and long term investing requires two hours of monitoring each year. 


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I was interested in becoming financially independent early. Maximizing income seemed to be the way to go. As a result, I signed my first working contract for delivering newspapers at the age of 14. I had six jobs until I graduated from college. At the age of 16 I became interested in stocks and made my first investing expericence the hard way. Learn from my mistakes!



At the age of 19 I started to study towards a corporate Bachelor's Degree, which was fully sponsored by a multinational company. I focused on sales during my work placements in order to start with an above average salary. In three years I had eight flats in six cities. I aimed at intensively getting to know the business world.



I learned that maximizing income is only one component of becoming financially independent. The story of the low earning petrol attendant shows, that investing one's money the right way is even more striking. Even with far below average wages you can make your way to millions!


During my Bachelor's Degree I became more and more interested in investing and dedicated my time to it. As a result, I started to study towards a Master's Degree in Finance at the well ranked University of Mannheim in Germany.