Beat 92 percent of mutual funds with a passive strategy.

My name is Michael, M.Sc. Finance. I help individuals to  

implement a passive and long-term investment strategy to beat 92% of mutual funds,  

even during a market crash.

 Strategy based on academic research (articles and studies quoted to check)

Easy to implement for everyone (step-by-step guide)

Requires two hours of monitoring each year  (savings-plan strategy)

No expert knowledge is required. You get to know the strategy from scratch.

We shed a light on the investment strategy of the average millionare pictured by the New York Times and find out that millionaires invest with this passive strategy on average. Start passive today!

You already use a long term strategy with mutual funds or ETFs?

You get to know how to improve and how to reduce costs (Broker, ETF, Transactions) 0.5% cost savings save you $130.000 given a 250$/month savings plan (slide 9)